Fake concept of “I”

The  fake concept of “I” signifies the most important mistake that we human beings believe.

Have you ever asked yourself who the f…k am i

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Could be the greatest thing you have ever done in your life…


You can know what you are not but you can never know what you are. Do you really know what you are not?

Your body changes, your emotions and sensations change.

The ideas you held 10 years ago are now completely different.

But notice all of that is changing in you.

There is already peace in silent looking.

And as you become familiar with what you are not, you feel a distance, a space, between the attitude of observation and the observed, until a moment comes when you feel what you are without feeling it.

This is not simply knowing something.

Within conventional make use of, it’s not only probably the most popular phrases in your language (together with the actual connected phrases: “me,” “my,” “mine,” as well as “myself”) but in addition probably the most deceptive.

It is important to live this direction-lessness, this not knowing, this waiting without waiting for anything.

It acts on your cells, on your psychosomatic body, bringing them to dilation and harmony. All that remains is your direction-less awareness. Live in this absolute absence of yourself.

It is the threshold. You are in complete openness,open to nothing, free from all ideas, free from all hope.

And when you are completely transparent, open to openness,you are taken by Truth, by Grace.

That is certain


It’s outside the subject-object relationship. It is being knowledge

Within the viewing associated with what you are not really, a realistic look at what you are comes forth alone. This is exactly what occurs while you gradually and thoroughly look at this and subsequently section, that are concerning the technicians from the fake personal all of us phone the actual pride. So what exactly is the character of the illusory personal? That which you generally make reference to whenever you state “I” isn’t what you are.

With a massive behave associated with reductionism, the actual unlimited level associated with what you are is actually wrongly identified as an audio made by the actual expressive wires or even the considered “I” in your thoughts as well as regardless of the “I” offers recognized along with. What exactly perform the typical “I” and also the associated “me,” “my,” or even “mine” make reference to? Whenever a youngster discovers that the series to seem made by the actual parents’ expressive wires is actually their title, the kid starts to associate a thing, that within the thoughts turns into a believed, along with that they’re. At that point, a few kids make reference to on their own within the 3rd individual.

“Johnny is actually starving.” Right after, these people discover the miracle term “I” as well as associate this using their title that they have previously associated along with who they really are. After that additional ideas arrive as well as combine using the unique I thought.

The next phase tends to be ideas associated with me personally as well as my own in order to specify stuff that tend to be in some way a part of “I.” This really is id along with items, meaning trading issues, however eventually ideas which signify issues, having a feeling of personal, therefore drawing a name from their store. Whenever “my” plaything breaks or cracks or perhaps is removed, extreme struggling occurs. Not really due to any kind of innate worth the plaything offers — the kid will quickly weary inside it, and it’ll get replaced through additional playthings, additional items — however due to the considered “mine”.

The actual plaything grew to become area of the child’s creating feeling of personal, associated with “I.” And thus because the kid matures, the initial I thought draws in additional ideas in order to by itself: It might be recognized having a sex, belongings, the actual sense perceived entire body, the competition, faith, occupation. Other activities the actual “I” recognizes along with tend to be functions — mum, dad, spouse, spouse, and so forth — gathered understanding or even views, preferences, as well as stuff that occurred in order to “me” previously, the actual storage which tend to be ideas which additional determine my personal feeling of personal because “me as well as my personal tale.”

They are only a few of the things that individuals obtain their own feeling of identification type. They’re eventually a maximum of ideas kept with each other hazardously because they all are spent having a feeling of personal. This particular psychological create is exactly what a person usually make reference to whenever you state “I.” To become much more exact: More often than not it’s not a person that talks whenever you state or even believe “I” however, many facet of which psychological create, the actual egoic personal. When you wake up, you’ll still make use of the term “I,” however it can come from the further location inside yourself.

Many people are nevertheless totally recognized using the constant flow associated with thoughts, associated with addictive considering, the majority of this repeated as well as useless. There isn’t any “I” aside from their own thoughts and also the feelings which go together. This is actually the concept of becoming emotionally other than conscious. Whenever informed that there’s a tone of voice within their mind which by no means halts talking, they are saying, “What tone of voice?” or even angrily refuse this, that obviously may be the tone of voice, may be the thinker, may be the unobserved thoughts. It might nearly end up being viewed being an organization which has used having all of them.

Many people always remember the very first connect these people misidentified using their ideas and therefore quickly skilled the actual transfer of identification through becoming this content of the thoughts in order to becoming the actual consciousness without anyone’s knowledge.

For other people it takes place in this delicate method these people barely discover this, or even they simply discover a good increase associated with pleasure or even internal serenity not understanding the main reason.